YR Stories: Nathan Wire

I got involved in YR the summer going into my senior year of high school. I was selected to attend YR’s High School TEENPOWER conference. I knew nothing about what I was getting into or what TEENPOWER was like, but I tried to go in with an open mind. This is what helped me break out of my shell and become more extroverted and reach out to so many people when I needed help or guidance. Before coming to TEENPOWER, I never really knew how to deal with real life problems or challenges, but coming to this conference helped me see that I have options to help get me through everyday obstacles. The year after my first TEENPOWER I interviewed to be a member of Youth Staff and that was probably the most memorable moment of YR. Getting the letter saying I had be accepted on Youth Staff gave me a chance to be with people I knew I could be myself around. It was a chance to be around people who are as close as family to me and I loved every second of it. YR saved my life, because they gave me a positive outlet for all the negativity going on around me as well as the negative feelings I had about myself.

During my senior year I was involved in the Teen Advisory Council, which was just like TEENPOWER but during the school year. So many of my close TEENPOWER peeps were involved in TAC and I knew every other Friday morning at 5:55am was going to be a good day. TAC gave me a sense of belonging, and being able to go out and volunteer for the community and help give back was such a rewarding feeling and it was always a fun time.

Being involved with YR has definitely shaped me into the man I am today. YR taught and showed me how to give back to my community as well as have compassion for others. I am proud to call myself a TEENPOWER and TAC alumnus. I hope I have been able to give back to YR as much as they have given me in life! They gave me my life and for that I will always be grateful to them and will always be there when they call!

Nathan “Nate” Wire is a Program Coordinator at Youth First. Nate has been involved with YR since his junior year of high school as a TEENPOWER participant then Youth Staff (2009-2011). He was a member of TAC (2010-11), TEENPOWER College Staff (2011-2014) and TEENPOWER Adult Staff (2017).

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