Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service



Hannah Apuan

Hannah Apuan
University of Denver, Denver, CO
Teen Court ’10-14, TAC ’12-14
“YR has impacted my life in many ways. I feel more confident in myself. In YR’s programs, I met students and advisors who were friendly, and everyone supported each other. I gained a feelings of self-worth and community because of YR.”

Julie Bowman

Julie Bowman
College Mentors for Kids, Indianapolis, IN

“I knew, as a high school student, that I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone at YR’s TEENPOWER conferences. I now know, 8 years later, that YR didn’t just teach me skills, but changed my thinking. It taught me that young people can make a difference. Changed thinking, built over time in YR’s programs, can change the world.”

Jordan Whitledge

Jordan Whitledge
SS&C Technologies, Evansville, IN

TEENPOWER, TAC, and Teen Court ’07-’09
“I became involved in YR’s programs because they were fun and I liked the people. It was not until after that I realized what the skills and experience would do for me. It helped me in my position as Student Body President at USI and in so many other aspects of my life. I am thankful for my involvement with YR because I have learned so many resourceful skills.”

Evan Brizius

Evan Brizius
Anderson Tax, LLC, Chicago, IL

Teen Court ’08-’11, TEENPOWER ’10
“YR helped me learn the leadership skills and altruism necessary to change the world for the better. It also taught me how to find other young people who are interested in service and positive activities.”

Kelly Liang

Kelly Liang
IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN
TAC ’10-’14 & Teen Court ’10-’14
“I had so many opportunities to be involved with my community that I wouldn’t have without YR. I built positive adult relationships. YR also helped me learn to be more vocal and outgoing. I have definitely become a stronger leader through YR’s programs.”

Kathryn Veldhuizen

Kathryn (Kendall) Veldhuizen
B2B Strategic Solutions, Indianapolis, IN

TAC ’99-’03
“As I look back at the activities of which I am currently involved, I cannot help think about the skills and opportunities that I can really trace back to my Youth Resources’ experiences and how they prepared me for the future and formed into who I am today.”


Kellie Forney

Kellie Forney
Cynthia Heights Elementary, Evansville, IN

“TEENPOWER helped make me a more confident leader because I was always a shy kid. I continue to donate and volunteer for YR because I don’t want other shy kids to miss out on YR’s opportunity to find their LOUD voice.”

Alex Burton

Alexander Burton
Old National Bank, Evansville, IN

TAC ’07
“Until I joined Teen Advisory Council, I was comfortable being an athlete and doing well in school. Becoming part of TAC made me want to do more and be better than I was currently. Because of TAC and my peers in the program, I pushed myself harder and never felt satisfied by doing ‘just’ enough.”


Mandy (Ryan) Scherer

Mandy (Ryan) Scherer
JD Levy & Associates, Evansville, IN

TAC ’97-’01
Youth Resources is a large part of the reason I want to spend my career helping others. I can only hope to have half as much impact on those I work with in the future as the staff and programs of Youth Resources have had on me.”

Huy Pham

Huy Pham
Ball State University, Muncie, IN
TEENPOWER ’10 & Teen Court ’07-’11
“YR first and foremost made me aware that there ARE organizations out there that care about the quality of life and transition into adulthood for teens. These programs are especially important for families with parents have to work around the clock whose children need an outlet for expression, recreation, and guidance. YR made me feel important as a young teen and I carry that with me when I interact with young adults in my academic and professional career now – whether it’s coaching a speech team of predominantly students of color or teaching a public speaking class to incoming freshman.”

Alex French

Alex French
St. Meinrad Seminary, St. Meinrad, IN
TEENPOWER ’04-’07 & Teen Court
“YR allowed me to develop into the person and leader that I am today. YR taught me not to be afraid to be myself and to look forward to sharing my God-given gifts and talents with those around me.”

Chelsi (Carter) Moore

Chelsi (Carter) Moore
Sunshine Juice Co, Evansville, IN

“I discovered firsthand that Youth Resources changes lives because it changed mine. Because of YR I discovered my passion for serving others.”

Bailey Daniels

Bailey Daniels
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

TAC ’10-’14 & TEENPOWER ’07-’14
“While volunteering with Youth Resources, a passion for service and philanthropy grew in me – so much so that I decided to study nonprofit management in college. YR has helped me grow into a leader and role model for others, given me a support system of peers and adults, helped me develop lifelong, healthy friendships and encouraged me to have a strong will to lead and do the right thing.”

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