Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service



The following application has been made available for you to fill out online (Continue scrolling). Each applicant should also submit two adult reference forms, which will need to be filled out and emailed to bailey@youth-resources.org or mailed or dropped off in person to the YR office. See the downloadable adult reference forms below:

Online Application Step-by-Step

  1. Read below contract carefully and check “I accept” box at the end.
  2. Download TEENPOWER Youth Staff contract and print yourself a copy of the contract.
  3. Download Youth Staff Training Dates and check your schedule/availability.
  4. Type answers to all application questions in space provided directly below questions.
  5. Fill out adult reference information at very end so we can know who to be expecting reference forms from. References CANNOT BE FAMILY, YOUTH RESOURCES EMPLOYEES OR TEENPOWER COLLEGE STAFF MEMBERS. Think about teachers, coaches, mentors, youth pastors, etc. – any adult who knows you well. 
  6. Download two adult reference forms (PDF available here, directly below this section, and beneath section header “Reference Information”).
  7. Have adult references fill out reference form and either: Mail (instructions below) or email to bailey@youth-resources.org. References may also simply return the form to applicant, sealed and initialed, and applicant is responsible for turning in reference forms by Friday, October 20.

TEENPOWER Youth Staff Contract

TEENPOWER Youth Staff Reference Form

TEENPOWER Youth Staff Training Schedule

TEENPOWER Health & Liability Form


When you have finished submitting the digital application below, please mail or drop off the reference portion. ALL applications must be submitted electronically. If you don’t have reliable access to a computer or are having any problems with the online application, please contact Bailey Daniels at bailey@youth-resources.org or by phone at 812-421-0030.

Adult reference forms can be submitted by:

Scan and email (PDF):

By Mail (Sealed & initialed):
Youth Resources – TEENPOWER
P.O. Box 3635
Evansville, IN 47735-3635

Hand Deliver (Sealed & initialed):
Youth Resources
4451 N First Ave.
Lower level of First Federal Savings Bank
Use south side entrance.


Dear Youth Staff applicant:

We are excited that you are considering applying for TEENPOWER Youth Staff. Being on Youth Staff is a great way to get more involved and to carry the TEENPOWER energy to others!

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Please set your nerves aside as Youth Staff interviews are not meant to be stressful.
  • You do not need to be an expert on summer camps to apply!
  • You don’t need to have all the answers, and it is okay if you do not feel 100% ready to jump right into a leadership position.
  • As a Youth Staff member we will provide you with the training you need to be equipped to lead next summer!

We have already been working on the details of TEENPOWER 2024 planning, so now it’s time to get the most important people involved…YOU! Below you will find an application to serve on Youth Staff at TEENPOWER.

The requirements to apply are:

  • You have attended High School TEENPOWER as a participant.
  • You are currently a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school.
  • You reside in the greater Evansville region.
  • All candidates must submit an online application and two sealed adult reference forms by Friday, October 20.
    • Adult references may also scan and email (as PDF) their reference forms to bailey@youth-resources.org.
  • All candidates must participate in the interview sessions – interactive and individual.
    • Two interview sessions will be offered this year.
    • You must attend one of the dates, and it is highly recommended that you attend both.
    • Individual interviews will take place directly after the interactive sessions.
    • During the individual interviews you will be asked a few questions by adult volunteers.
    • They will last 5-10 minutes each; don’t be nervous – we just want to get to know you more!
  • As a Youth Staff member you will serve on staff at BOTH Middle School and High School TEENPOWER conferences.

Youth Staff interviews will be held:

Wednesday, November 8
Interactive 4:30-6:30pm
Individual 6:30-8pm
at American Red Cross
29 S. Stockwell Rd.
Evansville, IN 47714


Saturday, November 11
Interactive 9:00-11am
Individual 11am-12:30pm
at the University of Evansville – Eykamp Hall (Ridgeway Center)
1800 Lincoln Ave.
Evansville, IN 47722

Dress comfortably for both days because we will be active and having lots of fun!

Your application should be submitted online and adult references should be hand delivered, emailed or postmarked to Youth Resources no later than Friday, October 20. Adult reference forms can be emailed as a PDF to bailey@youth-resources, or mailed or dropped off separately. Remember that adult references CANNOT BE FAMILY, YOUTH RESOURCES EMPLOYEES OR COLLEGE STAFF MEMBERS. Think about teachers, coaches, mentors, youth pastors, etc. – any adult who knows you well. Hard copies must be sealed and initialed on the outside of the envelope. It would be very beneficial for you to remind your adult references of the due date. If you have any questions, feel free to call Bailey Daniels at 812-421-0030 or email bailey@youth-resources.org. It’s going to be an awesome TEENPOWER year!


Listed below are the MANDATORY training dates and you are required to attend the entire duration of the trainings. Three excused absences are allowed. Any foreseen absences due to school functions will be reviewed at interviews. Please bring a list of these dates to interviews so we can determine if they are eligible to be excused. Feel free to call if you or your parents have any questions about the conferences or training dates. Trainings will be held at the Youth Resources office located in the lower level of First Federal Bank at 4451 North First Avenue unless otherwise noted. Please park across the street by (but not blocking) the ice machine for all trainings.

Wednesday, December 6 from 6-9pm

Saturday, January 6 from 9am-3pm

Wednesday, January 24 from 6-9pm

Wednesday, February 7 from 6-9pm

Saturday, February 17 from 9am-3pm

Wednesday, March 6 from 6-9pm

Friday, March 15 – Saturday, March 16 – Youth Staff Overnight Retreat (First Christian Church – Newburgh)
Arrive at 5pm on Friday and depart Saturday at 9:30am

Wednesday, March 20 from 6-9pm

Saturday, April 13 from 9am-3pm

Wednesday, April 24 from 6-9pm

Wednesday, May 8 from 6-9pm (All Staff at TBD Location)

Saturday, May 11 from 9-11am, 11-1pm Skit Practice at UE

Saturday, May 25 from 12-3pm (All Staff at YR)
Optional lunch at 11am

Wednesday, May 29 from 12-3pm 
Work day for HSTP

Wednesday, June 12 from 12-2pm
MSTP Training Day

Wednesday, June 19 from 12-3pm
Work day for MSTP

Dates for High School TEENPOWER:

  • Wednesday, May 29 – Work day at YR 12-3pm
  • Saturday, June 1 – Youth Staff meet at YR at 3:30pm. Youth Staff checks in at UE at 4:30pm for High School TEENPOWER
  • Sunday, June 2 through Thursday, June 6 – High School TEENPOWER

Dates for Middle School TEENPOWER:

  • Wednesday, June 12 – MSTP training at YR 12-2pm
  • Wednesday, June 19 – Work day at YR 12-3pm
  • Sunday, June 23 – Youth Staff meet at YR at 4:00pm. Youth Staff checks in at UE at 5pm for Middle School TEENPOWER
  • Monday, June 24 through Wednesday, June 26 – Middle School TEENPOWER


  • Wednesday, July 9 – Youth Staff debrief from 6-8pm at YR
  • Wednesday, September 25 – Youth Staff Fall Grant Screening (Mandatory) from 5-7pm at YR


As a TEENPOWER Youth Staff Member you are committing to be a role model and represent Youth Resources year-round meeting the following standards.  Please remember that serving on Youth Staff is a privilege and requires dedication and responsibility.  We will have tons of fun, but will always put the mission of TEENPOWER and the participants themselves first.

  1. You must be willing to work hard.
  2. Live a tobacco, alcohol, vape and drug-free lifestyle year-round.
  3. Support the TEENPOWER events in your school and community through your presence and hard work.
  4. Actively serve on a Youth Staff committee and participate in the committee work.
  5. Actively participate and listen in all TEENPOWER Youth Staff trainings.
  6. Commit yourself to the TEENPOWER mission (see box above) and substance abuse prevention.
  7. Be open and honest about the choices you make in your life and how they impact your position on Youth Staff.
  8. Hold others accountable for the actions both at TEENPOWER and throughout the year.
  9. Be honest, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, and open to others ideas & backgrounds.
  10. Be on time and ready for trainings and tell the TEENPOWER Program Manager via phone, or email as soon as you know that you will miss a training.
  11. Attend the entirety of all training sessions unless you have approval to miss from the TEENPOWER Program Coordinator.  Committees may be required to meet on additional dates if needed and determined by the Youth Staff.
  12. Assist with screening and approving all TEENPOWER grants after camp.
  13. Be a role model to your peers and the community through your actions and words.  This includes actions, words, and pictures communicated via social media.
  14. Help other Youth Staff whenever possible and be especially supportive and inclusive of new and less experienced staff members and volunteers.
  15. Respect the authority of Youth Resources as a non-profit agency serving the youth of our community.
  16. Ensure that the Youth Staff (others & yourself) gain the most possible enjoyment and reward from the experience.

TEENPOWER Responsibilities

At TEENPOWER conferences(s), Youth Staff must be committed to:

  • Provide a high standard of care for the participants at all times.
  • Consider the safety of the campers 24 hours a day
  • Do your part to co-facilitate a TEENPOWER Family Group.
  • Assist and encourage campers to participate in games, icebreakers, and activities.
  • Put the participants first by facilitating activities and actively participating with them in all activities.
    • No swearing or bad language.
    • Wear appropriate clothing.
    • Treat everyone with respect.
    • Be enthusiastic and positive.
    • Stay in communication with the TEENPOWER team including:
      • With the Youth Resources staff, keeping them informed of participant and staff behavior.  Behavior that puts campers or staff at risk should be reported immediately to the Youth Resources Executive Director or TEENPOWER Program Coordinator.
      • With other TEENPOWER staff, offering ideas, support and encouragement
      • With the participants, keeping them informed of important camp information
    • Ensure the participants enjoy the TEENPOWER experience and that their health, safety, and happiness come above all else.
    • When the Youth Staff is unsure of what to do, or how to handle a particular situation, it is your responsibility to ask the Youth Resources Executive Director or TEENPOWER Program Coordinator for assistance.Set a good example for the participants to follow.

*Disciplinary Procedure for Youth Staff Members

It is the aim of TEENPOWER that volunteers will be given the skills, support, and training to perform their tasks satisfactorily.  If a volunteer is not performing satisfactorily, the following steps are taken:

  • Youth Resources staff discuss privately with the volunteer the areas in which extra effort is needed and define concerns and identify problems.
  • If the behavior or attitude is continual, the TEENPOWER Program Coordinator may issue required disciplinary action or release from service.
  • Youth Staff members with excessive absences or those that continuously arrive tardy or leave early are subject to release from Youth Staff duties.
  • Disciplinary action, such as release of the Youth Staff from service is implemented as a last resort or to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and cohesiveness of the TEENPOWER team.

*Please note that the decisions made by the Youth Resources staff are final.

Youth Staff can expect the following from Youth Resources:

  • You will be given ongoing support, assistance, education and direction from the Youth Resources staff.
  • You will be regarded as a valued member of the TEENPOWER team of leaders who are treated equally and with respect.
  • Lots of laughs, fun, and the opportunity to make a big impact on your peers!

I understand that by being a member of the TEENPOWER Youth Staff, I am expected to uphold all rules and expectations listed above. I will set a positive example for my peers and always do my best to make good decisions with the ideals of TEENPOWER in mind.  I promise to be a cooperative member of the TEENPOWER Youth Staff and find ways to help others in positive ways. Further, I understand that if I should be a part of any activities or anything that would go against this contract or the rules/ideals/philosophy of TEENPOWER, I am at risk to be released from the TEENPOWER Youth Staff. I declare that I understand the responsibilities and information outlined above and that I will attend TEENPOWER and all TEENPOWER trainings with the intent of fulfilling this role.  If I am unable to fulfill this role I understand that I must notify the TEENPOWER Program Coordinator immediately. I understand and accept the above listed responsibilities for being a TEENPOWER Youth Staff member.  By signing below I agree to meet the requirements to the best of my abilities and understand the consequences if I choose not to do so.


Your responses will not save if you leave this page. Please save your responses elsewhere (Google Doc, Word Doc, etc.) if you do not plan to submit your application right away.

Step 1 of 10

Please use the checklist below to ensure your application packet is complete. Completed reference forms may be submitted separately from remainder of packet.

• Youth Staff Application (digital)

Adult Reference Form (Reference #1)

Adult Reference Form (Reference #2)

• Youth Staff Contract (Accepted online, printed for your records)

Health & Liability Form

Applications and adult references due to Youth Resources (bailey@youth-resources.org) by Friday, October 20, 2023.