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Help us celebrate our 35th birthday with our biggest #YRday yet!

We’re on a mission to empower kids to be life-long servant leaders who feel seen, heard and valued within the community and accepted and loved for who they are. With the critical support of people like you, we prove how unstoppable we are when we work together. We hope you will continue to rally behind YR’s mission and help us reach our #YRday goal of…

Current amount raised: $45,938



Kellie Forney | Claire Baba | Yuiko Baba | FORVIS, LLP | Andrea Greaney | Kurtis Sunset | Greg Taylor | Julia Hoagland | Scott Alpers | Jonna Brenner | Logan Montgomery | Jean Keith | Lauren French | Brian Dorris | Emily Fehrenbacher | The Blythe Family | Alexa Nickolick-Stahl | Bryan and Christin Eberhard | Brian Rickey | Louie Brezina | Matt Reffett | Elizabeth Blackford | Peter Wulff | Mario Leavell | Jordan Fenwick | Jon Mandel | Matthew Menke | Jordan French | Deanna Walker | Mark Isaac | Rebecca Keplinger | Sunny Narra | Janet Schultheis | Kevin Coon | Danielle Skelton | Noah Harrison | Elijah Wannemuehler | Jessica Barloh | Matthew Snodgrass | Cory & Staci Herrin | Kendra Montgomery | Lisa Kempf | Chelsi Moore | Trisha Cox | Alana Hahn | Shane Blair | Chip and Melanie Walsh | Jamie Neel | Jamen Elbert | Amanda Hillhouse | Kenton Hargis | Ryan Elsea | Roman Weinzapfel | John Dawson | Jeremy & Barbara Heacock | Julie Mitchell | Tori Langton



Meredith Hagerty

YR Alumna, University of Southern Indiana Sophomore

YR has single-handedly changed my life for the better. YR has given me a foundation of skills that will lead me in not only personal life, but my professional life. I will forever be in debt to YR for the time and love they have invested into me and my future. YR has shown me what being a servant leader means. My time at YR has brought me a second family that I hope to introduce the whole world to.”

Garret Whipple

Harrison High School Senior, TAC Member

YR has opened me up to a lot of different opportunities to better myself and help my community, but being an executive member of TAC has been one of the most rewarding. It has helped me become a better leader and has prepared me for life in the future. I have become more organized, a better public speaker and am able to confidently lead a group of people.”

Rupa Ponna

YR Alumna, University of Notre Dame Freshman

“The environment created by YR radiates such positivity and has provided a safe space for me to voice my opinions. Through YR, I developed a love for serving beyond what I ever could have imagined. I’ve made so many lifelong friends what motivate me to do better and be better. I love being part of an organization that betters the lives of so many students like myself.”


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Become a Mentor, and you’ll join a generous, passionate, and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to empower kids to be life-long servant leaders. Our goal is to welcome 35 new mentors at $35/month by the end of 2022. We hope you’ll be part of the birthday crew! Make your Mentors pledge by November 5, and your gift will count toward this year’s $35,000 YR Day goal, too!

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