Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service


Five years ago, we started a virtual fundraiser and celebration of all things YR.

YR is on a mission to keep kids learning, growing, serving and leading. Together, with people like you, the critical support we raise each YR Day makes this a reality and proves just how unstoppable we are when we work together. We hope you will continue to rally behind YR’s mission and help us reach our #YRday goal of…

Current amount raised: $31,142



Ali Winningham | Sandra Crowell | Sarah Standring | Kellie Forney | Brent Mullen | Sherry Schenk | Jacquelyn Rinehart | Jacquie & Dave Harmon | Laura Ferguson | Bailey Daniels | Scott Scales | Hannah Stegmaier | Ethan Elleser | Mary Pearson | Ronnie & Sue Forney | Jamie Hill | Jeremy Eades | Tiffany Eades | Deborah Koch | John Paul | Jill Reinhart | Beth Brock | Amy Warner | Bonnie Weinzapfel | Jessica Veneck Peeples | Ryan Beal | Edd Stansberry | Christine Browning | Charles H. Marshall | Emily Fehrenbacher | Samantha Forney | Kellie Clodfelter | Julie Stuckie | The Meyer Family | Cara Eby | Sara Mossberger | John & Susan Browning | Kent & Barbara Heacock | Theresa Snowden | Darlene Hill | Melanie Walsh | Linda Nelson | Barbara Schmiade | Jordan Fenwick | Thad Immel | Emily Meagher | Tom Kavan | Gina Gist | Zach & Nina Kovack | Jessika Collins | Scott Alpers | Gerald Montgomery | Samantha Witte | Donna Osmon | Beth Elpers | Denise & Lloyd Lamberton | Aaron Brothers | The Decker Family | Clint Mobley | Carrie Hazelip | Samantha Marx | Josh Croll | Chris Owen | Laci Winn | Patricia Reinhart | Erin Meyer



Meredith Hagerty

YR Alumna, University of Southern Indiana Freshman

YR has single-handedly changed my life for the better. YR has given me a foundation of skills that will lead me in not only personal life, but my professional life. I will forever be in debt to YR for the time and love they have invested into me and my future. YR has shown me what being a servant leader means. My time at YR has brought me a second family that I hope to introduce the whole world to.”

Garret Whipple

Harrison High School Senior, TAC Member

YR has opened me up to a lot of different opportunities to better myself and help my community, but being an executive member of TAC has been one of the most rewarding. It has helped me become a better leader and has prepared me for life in the future. I have become more organized, a better public speaker and am able to confidently lead a group of people.”

Rupa Ponna

Signature School Senior, TAC Executive Committee, Teen Court

“The environment created by YR radiates such positivity and has provided a safe space for me to voice my opinions. Through YR, I developed a love for serving beyond what I ever could have imagined. I’ve made so many lifelong friends what motivate me to do better and be better. I love being part of an organization that betters the lives of so many students like myself.”


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Become a Mentor, and you’ll join a generous, passionate, and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to empower kids to be life-long servant leaders. Our goal is to welcome 35 new mentors at $35/month by the end of 2022. We hope you’ll be part of the birthday crew! Make your Mentors pledge by November 6, and your gift will count toward this year’s $32,000 YR Day goal, too!

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