Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service

Dear Class of 2024,

Thank you for all you’ve done in our community, in your schools and at Youth Resources for the past 4+ years. We will miss you dearly as you graduate from our traditional programming, but please know that your YR fam will always be here. Stop by the YR office any time (we mean it!) when you’re on breaks or home for the summer. We love hearing about the awesome stuff you’re up to!

Call/text/email us if you need anything in the future: recommendation letters, to use us as a reference, internship/job opportunities at YR or elsewhere (we know people!), advice, someone to listen, a laugh, whatever!

Oh, and thanks for filling out this survey! The information you provide will a) make sure that we can keep in touch with you, and b) allow us to share YR’s impact with donors.

We are so proud of you–now and always.

The YR Team

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Please do not enter your current high school email as that will not be active long-term.
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