Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service



The Teen Advisory Council (TAC) was founded in 1987 with 12 students, and is now made up of more than 130 local high school students from all public, parochial, and charter schools in Evansville as well as other high schools in the surrounding area. TAC members meet every other Friday morning at 5:55am to plan community service events, develop their leadership skills, and connect with like-minded peers. They also provide over 4,000 hours of service in the community each school year.

According to TAC’s bylaws, members must adhere to the following to maintain their good standing on the Council:


  • Be enrolled in high school or home school equivalent.
  • Act respectfully during at-large meetings, committee meetings, service events, and any other TAC or Youth Resources functions and programs.
  • Live a tobacco-, drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.


  • Complete 15 hours of community service each semester.
  • Shadow a city/county government official at one meeting during a pre-determined one-month time period.
  • Attend two TAC social events each semester.
  • Actively serve on one of TAC’s nine committees, which includes attending committee-planned events and outside committee meetings.
  • Accrue no more than three absences per semester, which includes absences from at-large meetings, and can include absences from committee-planned events, and outside committee meetings.


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