Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service




  • Executive Committee members (officers & committee co-chairs) attend at least one meeting every week during the school year.
  • Executive Committee members do 2-3 hours of work each week outside of TAC meetings.
  • Check your sports/extracurricular/work/academic schedule for next school year before committing to a leadership position in TAC. Use the dates listed below as a guideline for your decision.
  • If you want to give to TAC and the community in a big way, we want you! If you cannot dedicate your time and energy for the entire school year, we’d prefer that you not apply for a leadership position.


  • There is no experience necessary for applicants for a committee co-chair position. Every TAC member has leadership ability regardless of age or experience. If you want to make a difference by personally investing in this organization, don’t be shy – do it! We will train you for every leadership position offered.
  • According to the TAC bylaws, applicants for an officer position must have held an officer or co-chair position the previous year.


  1. Be tobacco-, drug- and alcohol-free.
  2. Abide by all Teen Advisory Council bylaws.
  3. Be a role model to your peers and the community through your actions and words.
  4. Complete all TAC service, shadowing & social requirements in full and on time each semester.
  5. Attend ALL summer trainings, at-large TAC meetings, officer & co-chair meetings, monthly update meetings with the Program Coordinator, and the kick-off event.
  6. Follow through on TAC responsibilities throughout the entire year no matter what activities you’re involved in outside of TAC at any given time.
  7. Help other Executive Committee members whenever possible, and be especially supportive and inclusive of new and less experienced officers & committee co-chairs.
  8. Put TAC members first.
    1. Assist and encourage TAC members to participate in games, icebreakers, social activities, service, shadowing, and committee work. 
    2. Initiate activities and participate actively with ALL TAC members in ALL activities.
    3. Set a good example for TAC members to follow.
    4. Ensure that TAC members enjoy the TAC experience and that their health, safety, and happiness come above all else.
  9. Refrain from swearing and inappropriate conversations at Youth Resources and/or TAC functions.
  10. Wear appropriate clothing to all Youth Resources and/or TAC functions.
  11. Treat everyone with respect, and be enthusiastic and positive.
  12. Communicate with the Teen Advisory Council team, including:
    1. YR staff
      1. Behavior that puts TAC members or Executive Committee members at risk should be reported immediately to the Youth Resources Executive Director or Teen Advisory Council Program Coordinator.
      2. Any concerns or problems that arise with TAC members, Executive Committee members, agencies that TAC works with, or projects that TAC plans should be discussed with the Teen Advisory Program Coordinator and Youth Resources Executive Director immediately.
    2. Other Executive Committee members
      1. Offer ideas, support and encouragement.
      2. Ask each other for help and be willing to step in where needed, even if a task is not in the purview of your position.
    3. TAC members
      1. Inform members in a timely manner of important TAC policies, events, and responsibilities.
      2. Develop a communication schedule (email, text, phone calls, etc.) to create fluidity through the semester and year.
      3. When an officer or committee co-chair is unsure of what to do or how to handle a particular situation, it is their responsibility to ask the Youth Resources Executive Director or Teen Advisory Council Program Coordinator for assistance.


  • Officers and committee co-chairs are expected to attend a contract meeting, all summer trainings, and the TAC kick-off event.
  • Officers and committee co-chairs are expected to attend EVERY at-large (Friday morning) TAC meeting.
  • Officers and committee co-chairs are allowed 2 absences per semester from biweekly Executive Committee meetings.
  • Officer and committee co-chair absences from at-large and Executive Committee meetings will be tracked publicly online with the rest of the Council’s absence record.
  • Officers and committee co-chairs are expected to use the TAC Absence Form for any absence from an at-large or Executive Committee meeting.
  • Excessive absences, excused or unexcused, and/or excessive tardiness will necessitate that an officer or committee co-chairs be released from his or her position on the Executive Committee.


  1. It is the aim of the Teen Advisory Council that volunteer leaders will be given the skills, support, and training to perform their tasks satisfactorily. If an Executive Committee member is not performing satisfactorily, the following steps will be taken:
    1. Youth Resources staff will discuss privately with the Executive Committee member the areas in which extra effort is needed and define concerns and identify problems.
    2. If the behavior or attitude is continual, the Teen Advisory Council Program Coordinator may issue required disciplinary action or release the officer or committee co-chair from his or her leadership position.
  2. Executive Committee members with excessive absences or those that continuously arrive tardy or leave early are subject to release from their position.
  3. Disciplinary action, such as release of an Executive Committee member from service, is implemented as a last resort or to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and cohesiveness of the Teen Advisory Council team.


  1. You will be regarded as a valued member of the Teen Advisory Council leadership team.
  2. You will be given ongoing support, assistance, education, and direction from the Youth Resources staff.
  3. You will be treated fairly, equally, and with respect.
  4. We’ll laugh, we’ll have fun, and we’ll have the opportunity to make an incredible impact on the community!



These meetings are for any TAC member who is interested in learning more about being on the Executive Committee. All are welcome to attend & learn, but if you plan to submit an application you MUST attend ONE of the TWO.

Monday, February 24: Applicant meeting #1 @ Youth Resources, 6pm
Thursday, February 27
: Applicant meeting #2 @ Youth Resources, 6pm


Friday, February 21: Executive Committee applications due by midnight (Friday night)
Friday, March 6: Officer speeches and elections @ TAC meeting, 5:55am
**Co-chair selection will be completed by TAC Adult Advisors, the Program Coordinator, and the Executive Director following officer elections.


Monday, April 6: Executive Committee shadowing @ Youth Resources, 7pm
Tuesday, April 14: Officer shadowing @ TBD, 6pm
Friday, April 17: TAC committee shadowing and 2020-21 officers & co-chairs announced @ TAC meeting, 5:55am
Monday, April 20: Executive Committee shadowing @ Youth Resources, 7pm
**Monday, April 27: Officer shadowing (5:45pm) & Executive Committee shadowing & summer training date decisions @ Youth Resources, 7pm

**Mandatory meeting for new Executive Committee members. Please bring your calendar and all dates and times over the summer that you are unavailable (vacations, camps, athletics, freshman orientations, etc.)


These meetings will last 15-20 minutes and must be scheduled in advance with the Program Coordinator.
April 27-May 8: Executive Committee individual contract meetings @ Youth Resources, TBD according to your schedule


Dinner is provided.
Thursday, May 28: Executive Committee/Advisors meet & greet and spring semester appeals @ Youth Resources, 5:30-8pm


These training dates will be decided by the new Executive Committee with the Program Coordinator to ensure majority attendance. Trainings are usually held every other week on alternating weekdays and Saturdays from 9am-1pm and 9am-3pm respectively. Lunch is provided at long Saturday trainings. Snacks and drinks are provided at all trainings.

TBD (June): Executive Committee training #1 @ Youth Resources, TBD
TBD (June) : Executive Committee training #2 @ Youth Resources, TBD
TBD (July): Executive Committee training #3 @ Youth Resources, TBD
TBD (July): Executive Committee training #4 @ Youth Resources, TBD


Week of July 27: Work day @ Youth Resources, 9am-12pm
Week of July 27: All-TAC kick-off event @ TBD


Week of August 3: Executive Committee meeting @ Youth Resources, TBD
Friday, August 14: First TAC meeting @ Ivy Tech, 5:55am


All TAC meetings are held at 5:55am in the Koch Student Commons at Ivy Tech Community College on First Avenue. Come early for donuts, juice & milk!

August 14 – First meeting of the school year
August 28
September 11
September 25
October 16 – Semester midpoint (half of make-up hours due)
October 30
November 6
November 20
December 4 – Last meeting of the semester

*All first semester service hours due December 18 by 5pm to the Youth Resources office.

January 8 – First meeting of the semester
January 22 – Executive Committee applications available
February 5
February 19 – Executive Committee applications due
March 5 – Semester midpoint (half of make-up hours due); Officer elections
March 19
April 2 – Career Fair
April 23
May 7 – Last meeting of the school year

*All second semester service hours due May 12 by 5pm to the Youth Resources office.

Personal Information:

First Name

Last Name



City, State, Zip

Cell Phone


Grade (Fall 2020)

T-Shirt Size

Birth Date

Current TAC Committee or Officer Position

Number of Years in TAC (Including Current Year)

TAC Information:
For which TAC position are you applying?
(Remember, according to the TAC bylaws, applicants applying for an officer position must have held an officer or co-chair position the previous year.)
Even if you are applying for an officer position, please select first, second and third committee choice.

PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryHistorian

Committee Co-Chair (Select First Choice)

Committee Co-Chair (Select Second Choice)

Committee Co-Chair (Select Third Choice)

Please list the previous TAC committees that you have served on, whether your were a co-chair, and your year in school at the time. Please also list, if applicable, any TAC officer positions that you have held. (Example: inReach - 9, Development - 9, MARCOM - 10, MARCOM Co-Chair - 11)

Short Answer Questions:

Why do you hope to be selected for your first choice position?

What is one idea you have to make a committee you've served on better and/or a project idea for that committee (please name the committee for context)? What is one idea you have to make TAC as a whole a better experience?

Do you have any activities/responsibilities that would interfere with your ability to perform your Executive Committee duties should you be selected? Please be honest! If there is a time of year that will be busy for you, we want to help you and your co-chair or fellow officers work through those times.

How has your life been personally impacted because of your involvement with the Teen Advisory Council? What have you learned and/or what skills have you gained as a TAC member?

Do you have any additional comments that will help YR know you better?

Applications are due to Youth Resources by midnight on Friday, February 21, 2020.

For questions, contact:
Laura Ferguson
Executive Director
812-421-0031 ext. 11


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