Engaging Youth in Leadership and Community Service
Thank you for your patience and flexibility. TEENPOWER is an opportunity we feel very strongly about providing for kids this summer. It has been a long year, full of tough choices, daily struggles and changes, and time away from loved ones and friends. We can’t wait to be together in June!
These are the basics we feel that families need to know to make a decision registering their child for TEENPOWER 2021. For students who secure a spot at TEENPOWER, we will provide more detailed information about each of the items listed below (and more) later in the process. If you have a concern about COVID-19 and your child’s participation in TEENPOWER, please feel free to contact us.


  • Our participant capacity at TEENPOWER will be even more limited this year due to COVID.
    • Please plan to register AT 6pm on the appropriate night to give your student the best opportunity to secure a spot, but please know and prepare ahead of time for the potential that your student will be on the waiting list.
    • We will keep a waiting list and will add participants from it if another participant drops their spot or if capacity increases.
    • We will work until the last possible moment prior to TEENPOWER to accommodate as many students as possible.


  • Preferred roommates may or may not be accommodated due to UE/Youth Resources procedures to mitigate COVID risk in the dorms.
    • We are collecting preferred roommate information on the registration form IN CASE we are able to room participants with someone they know.
    • Please list ONE NAME and ONLY ONE NAME on the registration form as your student’s preferred roommate.
    • If your preferred roommate is on the waiting list, and we are able to accommodate roommate preferences, we will contact you.


  • We will be requiring proof of completed COVID vaccine, OR
  • Proof of a negative COVID test at minimum 48 hours prior and at maximum 72 hours prior to arrival at TEENPOWER.
  • We will be requiring ALL participants – tested and vaccinated – to quarantine.
    • Students who are not vaccinated will quarantine after their COVID test until TEENPOWER begins to ensure they are not exposed to or do not contract COVID after their negative result.
    • Students who are fully vaccinated will quarantine for the 48 hours prior to their arrival at TEENPOWER.
  • We will send a 14-day symptom and exposure tracking sheet with participant TEENPOWER packet for families to monitor COVID symptoms. Students will be required to turn in their completed tracking sheet at registration.


You can expect the following every day for your student at TEENPOWER:
  • Masks required at all times outside of dorm rooms and meals
  • Frequent sanitizing and hand washing
  • Frequent temperature checks
  • Social distancing
  • Extra cleaning by UE’s team
  • Extra cleaning by YR’s team

Structural changes to TEENPOWER to note:

  • Registration and pick up will be drive-through, and parents will not be able to join their students in the dorms after registration is complete.
  • At Middle School TEENPOWER, our annual Parent Night will be livestreamed.
If you have any questions please contact
Bailey Daniels, Program Coordinator
812-421-0030 ext. 15


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