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All scholarship funding has been expended for 2024. Please call Bailey at Youth Resources at 812-421-0030 to discuss payment options.

Fund History

Robert “Scooter” Tiemann was an advocate for youth and a long-time volunteer with Youth Resources’ TEENPOWER and Teen Advisory Council programs. He was deeply respected and loved by the students he mentored and the peers he volunteered alongside because he made us laugh, he made us feel special, and he simply cared. We were and still are broken-hearted at his unexpected passing on June 10, 2013 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident while on business in Pecos, TX.

The Scooter Scholarship Fund was founded because Scooter used to pay the registration fee for students in need to participate in Youth Resources’ High School and Middle School TEENPOWER conferences. Scooter never wanted anyone, especially the kids, to know that he was behind their generous scholarships. We’ve spilled his secret, but we know that he would be thrilled that more students can now attend TEENPOWER to meet positive adult and peer role models, learn about making healthy choices, develop their leadership skills, and make life-long friends.

A 2000 Memorial High School graduate, Scooter was the president of his class for two years, played football, and was honored by the Rotary Club which enabled him to travel to Germany as a summer exchange student. He majored in communications and minored in economics at DePauw University, where he was a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, studied abroad in England, and played rugby.

Scooter worked in the oil industry for Hydrocarbon Acquisitions where he specialized in GIS mapping, title curative and land acquisitions. Scooter and his wife, Carlee (Schnautz) Tiemann, were married May 18, 2013 at St. Boniface Catholic Church. Carlee has a spirit as generous and beautiful as Scooter’s, and we are blessed to have her in the YR family. Chip Tiemann, Scooter’s brother, is a member of Youth Resources’ board of directors and he and his wife Melissa are passionate advocates for kids and for the programs at YR that Scooter loved so much. Bob and Tee Tiemann, Scooter’s parents, are also tireless supporters of Scooter’s legacy at YR. Scooter is missed dearly by many, including he and Carlee’s four-legged “son” Doug.

The Robert “Scooter” Tiemann TEENPOWER Scholarship Fund is made possible by generous gifts from family, friends, and community members. Youth Resources’ hosts an annual golf outing, our Scooter Scramble, at Oak Meadow Country Club, from which all proceeds benefit Youth Resources and the Scooter Scholarship Fund.

 “We thought he was a pretty special young man. His compassion and his caring for others, from a young age, was always obvious, and we were extremely proud of him. He didn’t have a long life, but he had the kind of life that I think touches a lot of people and we’re so happy for that.”   -Bob Tiemann, Scooter’s dad


The purpose of TEENPOWER is to empower youth, sharpen their leadership skills, and encourage them to lead drug-free lifestyles. The conference is designed to train and motivate young people to serve as catalysts for positive change in their own lives and in their communities. Training focuses on specific, tangible, and proven strategies for developing leadership skills, facilitating positive change, and preventing problems with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. With strong emphasis on the development of leadership skills and community service, TEENPOWER directly focuses on drug & alcohol resistance skills while also addressing eating disorders, self-esteem & peer-pressure, bullying, youth violence & suicide, teen pregnancy, and the importance of achieving a higher education or civic vocation. TEENPOWER is the only youth substance abuse prevention conference of its kind in southwestern Indiana.
Drug use continues to be a problem in today’s society and drugs and teens don’t mix. The use of alcohol and other drugs among this age group continues at unacceptable levels. In fact, the three leading causes of death for 15 to 24 year olds are automobile crashes, homicides, and suicides. Alcohol is a leading factor in all three! (Focus Adolescent Services). Nearly 4 out of every 5 students have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by the end of high school, and nearly half have done so by the end of 8th grade (National Institute of Health)
  • Building on the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets
  • Providing family groups of peers for support
  • Engaging youth in key life skills workshops
  • Enlisting national keynote speakers for motivation
  • Providing youth leadership for positive peer influence
  • Providing positive adult role models
Middle School TEENPOWER is designed for students entering grades 7 or 8 in the fall. High School TEENPOWER is designed for students entering grades 9-12 in the fall. They may or may not have ever been elected to anything, but they are leaders or have potential to be great leaders. Participants should be committed to, and excited about being drug-free. Youth with current untreated problems with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are ineligible for participation in TEENPOWER. Conference participants will attend workshops, listen to national keynote speakers, work with peers from their community to plan a service project and have tons of fun!
Each year TEENPOWER participants report learning skills necessary to become an effective leader. Here’s how: While at TEENPOWER students actively participate in workshops, listen to national keynote motivational speakers, actively participate in teen discussion panels, and participate in family groups for peer perspective. Research shows education must be coupled with action steps, and TEENPOWER was designed to combine both. One factor making TEENPOWER unique is that after attending TEENPOWER, the participants’ school or youth-serving organization will be eligible to receive a grant from Youth Resources to implement a prevention-based service project during the following school year! While at TEENPOWER, each participant will attend leadership seminars where they are guided through the process of developing their own prevention service projects. These projects allow conference participants to utilize their newly acquired prevention and leadership skills to spread the TEENPOWER message into the community as they reach an additional 4,000 people each year.
Conference staff includes adults and youth volunteers. The adults are trained, qualified, and committed individuals who enjoy working with young people. They come from education (principals, counselors, teachers, and coaches), alcohol/drug prevention programs, mental health centers, law enforcement, and other youth-related fields. Many of the College Staff and Adult Staff are TEENPOWER alumni themselves! The Youth Staff represents teenagers from different high schools in the southwestern Indiana region who possess leadership skills and have completed intensive training in peer facilitation and substance abuse prevention/intervention training. All staff share a common commitment to help others live drug-free lives. Besides that, they are fun!
At Middle School TEENPOWER one adult advisor is required to attend all daytime activities when multiple participants from a school or group attend. Multiple adults can share the responsibility and alternate shifts. At High School TEENPOWER one adult advisor is required to attend the one hour Prevention Project Planning session each day. High School advisors are welcome to attend as many TEENPOWER activities as they wish, but they are not required. It is important for young people to have concerned and caring adults to support their efforts when they return to their school/organization. These advisors should have an interest or desire to work in prevention. The advisors should enjoy working with young people. They should be teachers, principals, or non-school/agency personnel such as parents, youth sponsors, etc. interested in following through with the team after TEENPOWER.

 *All adult advisors are required to complete a registration form and background check.

Fund Policies & Procedures

  • Honor system: Scholarships have been established to make TEENPOWER more accessible for families with limited financial means. We are faithful to the premise that families applying for scholarship funding are truly in need of assistance. Please help us honor the wishes of our donors and the Tiemann family with honorable participation.
  • Scholarship request forms will be reviewed in the order of receipt beginning February 15 of each year, as funding allows.
  • Youth Resources is an equal opportunity provider of programs for youth. Scholarship awards are made without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, or other legally protected status.
  • If the recipient must cancel, their scholarship cannot be applied to another participant’s registration fee.
  • Youth Resources may utilize all or a portion of your student’s answers for marketing purposes. If your student’s answers are used, their last name will not be publicized.
  • Youth Resources may follow up with your student after TEENPOWER to gain insight and reflection regarding their conference experience.
  • Award notification: It is the goal of Youth Resources to contact the adult/parent requesting the scholarship within two weeks of the receipt of the request.

Questions? Contact:
Bailey Daniels
TEENPOWER Program Coordinator
812-421-0031 ext. 15

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Questions? Contact:
Bailey Daniels
TEENPOWER Program Coordinator
812-421-0031 ext. 15

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