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Thank you for applying for the role of TEENPOWER Adult Staff. This will be an opportunity you will not soon forget. As an Adult Staff member you will have the opportunity to be a positive role model at Youth Resource’s middle school and high school substance abuse prevention and leadership conferences! We appreciate your advocacy for substance abuse prevention and the youth of our community. We hope you’re ready to be a part of an amazing staff and see lives impacted and changed for the better.

Online Application Step-by-Step

  1. Read below contract carefully and check “I accept” box at the end.
  2. Type answers to all application questions in space provided directly below questions.
  3. For new adult staff applicants, please thoroughly review the entire page for complete TEENPOWER details and expectations.
  4. Provide two character references (no relative or Youth Resources staff).
  5. Please answer background check questions honestly.
  6. Write a brief & fun biography about yourself including your interests, hobbies, family ,etc. to include in the folders for campers and staff.
  7. Once you hit “Send” at the end of your application, it will be directly emailed to TEENPOWER Program Coordinator Bailey Daniels.
  8. Contact Bailey Daniels (bailey@youth-resources.org) at 812-421-0030 ext. 15 with questions.


Download 2024 TEENPOWER Adult Staff Important Dates

Listed below are important dates to mark in your calendars. Your presence is highly SUGGESTED on May 8 and May 25 and REQUIRED on the morning of June 2 and June 24. Additionally, we will meet exclusively as an Adult Staff on April 17 at the YR office from 6-7:30pm. Please make your best effort to attend! Feel free to call if you have any questions about the conferences or training dates.

Adult Staff Training Dates:
Wednesday, April 17 from 6-7:30pm at Youth Resources
Wednesday, May 18 from 6-9pm at UE at Eyekamp
Saturday, May 25 from 12-3pm at UE at Eyekamp (Optional lunch before training at 11am)

Dates for High School TEENPOWER:
Saturday, June 1 – Youth Staff checks in at UE at 4:30pm
Sunday, June 2  College/Adult Staff moves in at UE from 7:30-8am & all-staff training will be held from 8:30-11:45am
Sunday, June 2 through Thursday, June 6 – High School TEENPOWER

Dates for Middle School TEENPOWER:
Sunday, June 23 – Youth Staff checks in at UE at 5pm
Monday, June 24  College/Adult Staff moves in at UE from 6:45-7am & all-staff training will be held from 7:30-8:30am
Monday, June 24 through Wednesday, June 26 – Middle School TEENPOWER

Wednesday, July 16 from 5:30-7:30 – Adult Staff debrief at YR *Pizza provided


Who makes up the Adult Staff?

TEENPOWER’s Adult Staff is comprised of 120-25 community leaders and volunteers. Adult Staff members come from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, Evansville Police Department, local schools, treatment centers, and also includes YR staff, TEENPOWER alumni, and fun-loving adults committed to sharing the prevention message.

Who else will be on staff?

As an Adult Staff member you will have the opportunity to partner with Youth Resources and the TEENPOWER Youth and College Staffs. Each year a group of high school students are chosen in a rigorous interview process to represent YR on the TEENPOWER Youth Staff.  They are trained from December to June on topics like leadership, peer facilitation, substance abuse, prevention, and intervention. The Youth Staff plays a major role at TEENPOWER as they plan, implement, and lead most camp activities. In addition to the Youth and Adult Staff, we have about 15-20 former Youth Staff who serve on College Staff and coordinate evening activities.

What is the role of an Adult Staff member?

  • Provide support and guidance to Youth Staff.

One responsibility of an adult staff member is to support and encourage the TEENPOWER Youth Staff in a small family group. These peer-led family groups allow participants to process and debrief all TEENPOWER activities. They are designed to provide a “safe place” for youth to be themselves and openly and confidentially share their thoughts, challenges, fears, experiences, and feelings about life in general. They meet twice a day for one hour each time and consist of 10-14 TEENPOWER participants, 2-3 Youth Staff, 1-2 College Staff and 1-2 Adult Staff.

As an Adult Staff your role is not to lead the group, but to support the youth staff and help as needed.

  • Be a positive adult role model for participants and staff members.

One of the goals of TEENPOWER is to develop healthy youth and adult partnerships. As an Adult Staff member you will be given the opportunity to connect with youth from diverse backgrounds.  It is important that we provide these youth with adults that will display good morals and values.

  • Have fun!

The entire conference revolves around FUN! From the moment the youth arrive at TEENPOWER until the moment they leave their days are action-packed with exciting activities. TEENPOWER is a laid back atmosphere that allows the youth to interact with the adults in a positive environment. Past fun-filled activities at TEENPOWER have included scavenger hunts, talent shows, dances, movies, pool parties, and concerts. The bottom line is that kids like to have fun and it is our goal to make everything (from workshops to room checks) fun! We assure you that getting involved in all camp activities will be both entertaining and rewarding!

Where will I stay during TEENPOWER?

In order to have the full TEENPOWER experience it is recommended that you stay in the assigned dorms. All Adult Staff members will be given individual rooms unless a roommate is requested.  We do understand that you have family obligations and arrangements can be made allowing you to stay at home during TEENPOWER, returning to campus each morning. However, for child safety purposes we need a number of adults – both male and female – to make the overnight commitment. Please consider you and your family’s schedule.

Will I receive training prior to TEENPOWER?

A series of trainings will take place prior to each conference (April 17, May 8, & May 25). These trainings will be an opportunity for you to learn more about TEENPOWER, meet the entire TEENPOWER staff, and participate in staff teambuilding activities.

What is the schedule like?

A schedule will be sent to you approximately one month prior to camp. As an Adult Staff member it is critical that you attend most conference activities. There are times when you can slip away if needed, and they will be highlighted on your schedule. Typically the day begins at 8am and ends around 11pm. High School TEENPOWER will end at 2pm on Thursday, June 8 and Middle School TEENPOWER will end at 9pm on Wednesday, June 28.


Time and Attendance:

  1. All staff members will be in attendance and actively involved during the staff training and orientation held prior to TEENPOWER.
  2. Staff members will be considered to be on duty during the conference unless prior arrangements have been made with the TEENPOWER Program Coordinator and should attend all events unless otherwise notified.
  3. For the security and safety of all participants, staff members will sign in/out upon coming and going from campus.
  4. Adult staff members should attend all scheduled staff meetings.


  1. Staff will not ingest any alcoholic beverages, nor use any mood altering chemicals, nor violate smoking rules and regulations and use of other tobacco products during the conference.
  2. Staff members will act as appropriate role models during the conference.
  3. Adult Staff should add positive and constructive conversation. Adult Staff’s role is to listen, not to challenge the validity of student’s feelings.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Staff members will assist at least 2 Youth Staff members in facilitating a small family group.  Family groups will meet 1-2 times a day and consist of 12-15 members.
  2. Staff members will assist and participate in all evening activities as needed.
  3. If a student divulges thoughts or instances of harm in their life, Adult Staff members are required to report it to a YR staff member immediately.

As an Adult Staff member of TEENPOWER, a leadership conference for the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and abuse, I willingly accept the responsibilities for my position as outlined below in accordance with the conditions listed above.  I also agree to abide by all policies and procedures of the organization and to protect the health and safety of all participants at all times.

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