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TEENPOWER Grant Application


Applications for fall projects are due September 15, 2023.

If you have questions while working on this form, please contact:
Bailey Daniels, Program Coordinator
812-421-0030 ext. 15

Who qualifies for a TEENPOWER Prevention Grant?

  • Each school/youth agency that attended TEENPOWER 2023 is eligible for up to $500 in grant funding for its prevention project when the following guidelines are met:
    • Youth Resources must receive a follow-up survey from each TEENPOWER conference participant by September 15, 2023.
    • Schools/youth agencies that do not return follow-up surveys on time will forfeit prevention grant funding.
    • Students must be actively involved in the planning and implementation of your prevention project.
  • Additional Guidelines:
    • Project must be planned and carried out by youth who attended TEENPOWER. We highly encourage sharing the TEENPOWER spirit and getting new students on board as well!
    • Project must meet the TEENPOWER goals & objectives (see page 4).
    • Project should focus on drug and alcohol prevention.
    • Project must provide a service to others or the community.
    • Project must be started and completed during the 2023-2024 school year.
      • Fall project final reports and receipts are due by December 8, 2023.
      • Spring project final reports and receipts are due by May 3, 2024.
  • Youth Resources must have all previous TEENPOWER grant final reports and receipts on file to be eligible for a 2023 grant.
  • Grant recipients will be reimbursed for their project costs AFTER final reports and receipts have been turned in to Youth Resources.

Good things happen through TEENPOWER Prevention Grants:

  • Youth become aware of community needs in the drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention space.
  • Youth direct their energies to helping others.
  • Youth develop and utilize leadership, planning, team work, and other life skills.
  • Community attitudes towards youth improve.
  • Youth realize their power to affect personal change and improve the lives of others.
  • Communities gain stronger youth and adult partnerships.

What are the TEENPOWER Prevention Grant requirements?

  • All grant project ideas must originate from the youth and their interests.
  • Youth must be at the center of the planning, preparation, and the implementation of the project.
  • Projects should address a prevention need within their community and provide a service to others.
  • Grants will be screened by the TEENPOWER Youth Staff and awarded in two cycles (fall and spring), however, all follow-up surveys are due to YR by 4pm on September 15, 2023.

What We Don’t Fund:

  • Capital items (e.g. digital cameras, video cameras & equipment, electronics, pots, pans, electric mixers, etc.)
  • Salaries & wages and overhead costs
  • Rental fees or fees for services (e.g. speakers, registration, camps, bounce houses, DJs, outdoor movie screens, event space/community space rentals, etc.)
  • Direct monetary donations to other agencies or organizations
  • Sales tax
  • T-shirts or other apparel items
  • Gift cards
  • Giveaways (e.g. prizes to be given out at an event)

This is not an exhaustive list. Please reach out to Bailey Daniels (bailey@youth-resources.org) if you have questions about budget costs.


  • Specific, researched line items with exact or approximate cost
  • Description of use of each item – weight given to items listed that relate to direct performance of service by youth
  • 5% of total grant request for youth recognition (honoring/celebrating students for their service – certificates, stickers, ice cream, etc.)

How does a TEENPOWER Club apply for a TEENPOWER Prevention Grant?

  • Step One: Research and Planning
    • Continue to work with your youth to determine where there is a need in your community for drug/alcohol/tobacco prevention and intervention activities and finalize the project you started during TEENPOWER.  Have a new idea?  Find a way to adapt the project you brainstormed at TEENPOWER or create a new project.
  • Step Two: Completing the Application
    • Be specific and give as much information as possible to complete each question.
    • Youth Resources believes that the youth deserve to be recognized for their hard work! You will notice in the budget section of the application that 5% of each grant must be used towards youth recognition. 
  • Please contact Bailey Daniels at 812-421-0030 ext. 15 or bailey@youth-resources.org with questions or for grant writing assistance.

Submitting Your Grant Application & Follow-Up Surveys:

  • Grant applications should be submitted online via the form below.
  • Follow-up surveys may be:
    • Mailed to YR at P.O. Box 3635, Evansville, IN 47735.
    • Hand-delivered to our office located at 4451 N. First Avenue, Evansville, IN 47710, in the lower level of First Federal Savings Bank.
    • Scanned and uploaded via the form below or scanned and emailed to bailey@youth-resources.org.

Fall Projects

  • Follow-up surveys are due September 15, 2023.
  • Grant applications are due September 15, 2023.

Spring Projects

  • Follow-up surveys are due September 15, 2023.
  • Grant applications are due January 26, 2024.
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