Parents & Students Should Know School Rules

By Laura Heister

As the new school year picks up, parents and students are inundated with schedules, book lists, back to school shopping lists, and a number of forms to read, sign and return.

I would consider the Student Conduct Responsibilities and Policies the most important of these handouts. It is imperative that parents and students take time together to read and understand the policies laid out in this document.

Over the years I have worked with many families through Youth Resources’ Vanderburgh County Teen Court program who did not know about nor understand the Student Conduct Responsibilities and Policies. Many of these policies for discipline issues at school have legal ramifications that can negatively impact a student’s time in the school system and his or her future.

As a parent, it is crucial that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities concerning your children. The defense “I didn’t know” doesn’t stand up in a court of law in the same way that it doesn’t stand up in a workplace or with a bank.

If you have questions about school policies, please reach out to your school’s resource officer, administration, liaison officer or an attorney. I have worked with many families through Vanderburgh County Teen Court in situations that they never thought they’d be in – because all kids make mistakes – but the parents often felt lost and uninformed.

We understand that our school systems implement these policies in order to keep our kids safe and to provide the best learning environment for them. Our local schools are phenomenal. They are our students’ biggest cheerleaders and a wealth of resources for their current and future success. To best partner with your child’s school, be proactive and use this back-to-school time to educate yourself and your student on school rules.

A copy of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation’s Student Conduct Responsibilities and Policies document can be found at under About Us, School Board and School Rules. Additional details regarding these policies can be found at under About Us, EVSC Bylaws & Policies, 5000 Students. If your student attends elsewhere, a search of your school system’s website should provide the same information.

Laura Heister is the Vanderburgh County Teen Court Program Coordinator at Youth Resources.