YR Stories: Mindy Humphrey

Our family first became introduced to Youth Resources from our neighbor and former YR director, Ann Burnworth. Ann encouraged Seth to attend Middle School TEENPOWER as a seventh-grader. Knowing the importance of leadership and empowerment training to youth at an impressionable age, I was in support of and excited for Seth to attend TEENPOWER. Drugs, alcohol and suicide have negatively affected my family. And, I wanted Seth to have as many opportunities as possible to be around other peers and mentors that have chosen to make healthy choices.

Seth came home from TEENPOWER having learned new skills; how to effectively communicate ideas, being confident in his choices and knowing more about who he is and being confident in who is.

Seth has now been involved in TEENPOWER and TAC for 5 years. As his parents, we have seen the positive impact Youth Resources has had on Seth. He is confident in who is he is. He has learned to use his voice to communicate effectively with his peers, his brothers and adults including his parents. He is confident in making wise and healthy lifestyle choices knowing that he has peers and mentors to encourage him and equip him. He seeks out friends with similar values and is not afraid to walk away from negative peer pressure and behavior. As parents we often hear from others outside of our circle that Seth is a leader in whatever environment he is in.

Seth is so passionate about Youth Resources that he encouraged his younger and much quieter and reserved brother to join TAC this year as a freshman. “You have to be part of this group. It will change your life, Joel.” I don’t know if TAC has changed Joel’s life. But I do know that Joel is gaining skills; leadership, listening, communication and team-building. All skills that are needed in our ever-changing world.

Youth Resources has helped Bob and I as parents. The leaders and mentors reinforce and model the behavior that we are trying to teach our boys at home…service, leadership, wise choices, loyalty and relationships.

The youngest two already spend time volunteering at the Youth Resources booth during Fall Festival week. Bob and I are confident Seth’s youngest two brothers will be actively involved in Youth Resources and be part of #TeamBacon and the #YRfam when the time comes.

Mindy Humphrey is the mother of four boys; two are students at North High School and two are homeschooled tweens. In her free time, she coaches youth sports and is actively involved in her church, Blue Grass UMC. She and her husband, Bob, enjoy camping with the family and friends and family game nights.

To make a gift in honor of student leaders like Seth and Joel, visit youth-resources.org/YRday.