YR Stories: Katelyn Skinner

I got involved in Youth Resources in 2013 through Middle School TEENPOWER, and now I am the Secretary of Teen Advisory Council and was a member of the 2017 TEENPOWER Youth Staff.

Youth Resources has made a tremendous impact on my life as a whole and I strongly believe that YR has made me who I am today. I have made so many new friends with people I would have never met without these programs.

I readily admit I joined YR because my sister and my mom were involved and I felt like I had to, but it is by far the best decision I have made for the present and for my future. I have learned life skills like time management, public speaking, and meeting new people. It’s so much fun filling my free time with TAC socials, trainings, or just hanging out with my friends who are also involved. TEENPOWER especially taught me to open up and trust other people, and is by far one of the best programs for youth leadership and drug/alcohol prevention in Southern Indiana.

Youth Resources as a whole has put me around adults and peers who have the same values as me and want me to be the best possible version of me. It has given me an outlet for my leadership and creativity, while also providing me with the best support I could ask for. I  recommend any of the YR programs for middle and high schoolers around Evansville and hope you take the opportunity to donate on this very special day of celebrating 30 years of Youth Resources!

Katelyn Skinner is a junior at North High School and has been involved in TEENPOWER since 2013 and TAC since 2015.

To make a gift in honor of student leaders like Katelyn, visit youth-resources.org/YRday.