Support #TeamBacon at the Fall Festival!

By Erin Macke

Blogger Erin Macke, left, and Sydney Kleiman volunteering at the YR booth wearing the famous bacon suits

The Fall Festival is finally here, and that means it’s time for meatwads, loaded pretzel bites, puppy chow and ice cold apple and cherry cider! Every year, hundreds of leaders (both adult and youth) who are passionate about what Youth Resources stands for come together to serve the community by giving their time to volunteer at the Big Orange Booth!

Over the weekend, some of my TAC friends and I prepared both confetti cake and pumpkin spice puppy chow. (The pumpkin spice version is a new addition to the menu this year.) After five hours of hard work, we finally made enough to last a few days. I had so much fun making the puppy chow, and it was so hard not to eat all of it!

Confetti cake puppy chow returns to the menu in 2018

When you buy food or a drink from our booth, you are helping middle school and high school students become better leaders and better people. Why is this so meaningful? Supporting YR is very important because it gives students like me an opportunity to learn about what it means to be a leader and a great friend.

Without your support, the amazing programs that Youth Resources has wouldn’t be possible. So, stop by the Big Orange Booth (#135) this week and support #TeamBacon! The booth is easy to find in front of Gerst Haus on W. Franklin Street, just west of 10th Avenue. See you there!

Complete list of YR menu items and prices

NEW Pumpkin spice puppy chow: $2 (small) and $4 (large)

NEW Meatwad sandwich: $5

NEW Loaded pretzel bites: $4.50

NEW Westside pretzel bites: $4.50

Meatwads: $4

Meatwad Inferno: $4.50

Hot soft pretzels (salted or cinnamon sugar): $3.25, with cheese $3.75

Confetti cake puppy chow: $2 (small) and $4 (large)

Apple and cherry cider: $4

Coke & Pepsi products: $1.50

Bottled water: $1


About the Blogger

Erin Macke is a senior at Mater Dei High School. She has been involved with Youth Resources for five years and participates in both TEENPOWER and Teen Advisory Council. In TAC, Erin is a member of the MARCOM Committee which will be providing content for the YR Blog throughout the year.