Do A Little Bit of Good on TAC’s Day of Service

“Do your little bit of good where you are.
It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
Desmond Tutu

Join us for the Teen Advisory Council’s first-ever Day of Service! We want to show the world we can still serve, together, even though we’re apart. Half on social media and half right where you are, Day of Service is a way to give to those around you and encourage your family and friends to be part of the fun.

How? We’ve got some ideas. 


The easiest place to start is to where you are. Take a look around your home and check in with your family – how can you be extra helpful today?

  • Do chores that aren’t normally your responsibility.
  • Deep clean and disinfect your high-touch spaces and objects.
  • Help with a home improvement project.
  • Clean out your closet and plan to donate your good condition clothes at a later date.
  • For TAC members who didn’t get a chance to bring in their fleece donations, tie it up! Make a tie blanket and save it donate later.
  • Share favorite comfort/quarantine food in a post and tag #TACdayofoservice and Youth Resources. Then put aside the non-perishable ingredients for that dish and donate them to a local food bank later.
  • Check in on someone you haven’t talked to in awhile.
  • Make a gratitude list.
  • Send mail to a friend.
  • Leave a positive comment on someone’s post/pic online.
  • Tell someone you love them, and why.


Service doesn’t have to be sweeping gestures and huge projects. It can absolutely – and sometimes most meaningfully – be the smallest gestures. The reaching out. The willingness. The thinking of someone else. Today, on TAC’s Day of Service, how can you show your willingness to help in your own backyard?

  • Put a note in your neighbors’ mailboxes with info about how to get in touch if they need anything and what you’re willing to do.
    • Pick up groceries
    • Clean gutters
    • Mulch/mow
    • Plant flowers/vegetables
    • Take out trash/move bins back to house after trash day
  • Chalk the sidewalk outside your house with encouraging messages and pictures.
  • Leave a thank you note for your mail carrier.
  • Deliver a meal to someone’s doorstep.


Ours is one of the most generous, caring and community-driven regions around. Our people matter and our places matter. There are lots of nonprofits and businesses that aren’t sure exactly how or if they’ll be able to sustain themselves during this crisis. There are healthcare workers who need to know they’re thought of and cared for. There are residents at local nursing homes and rehabs who haven’t been able to have visitors in over a month. We hope you’ll step up to provide whatever support you can.

Mail to:
Ascension St. Vincent Evansville Hospital
Attn: Mallory Martin
3700 Washington Avenue
Evansville, IN 47714

This idea list is by no means comprehensive. You know best how you can serve those around you, so we encourage you to do. those. things. And don’t forget to share your acts of kindness online, tag Youth Resources, and use #TACdayofservice! Let’s create a virtual wave of love all day long.