Reitz Student Uses His Skills in Robotics, Mathematics and Engineering to 3D-Print Ear Guards for Local Nursing Home Staff

17-year old Reitz senior Jace Lemp has been involved in scouting since he attended an informational meeting in fifth grade. Jace credits scouting with helping him to focus on being a kind leader, and always looking for ways to lend a hand. Youth Resources is proud to name Jace as our July Youth of the Month.

“Leadership in scouting has taught me to be prepared for anything, listen to those around you, and help where you can,” Jace said.

Jace found an opportunity to be helpful during COVID-19, when he came across an article about a Scout in Canada who had started printing 3D ear guards for healthcare workers. Jace, who is incredibly gifted in robotics, engineering and math, decided to give it a go, and try his hand at creating ear guards for local healthcare workers.

“It was clear the call to help was global. I have a 3D printer and the filament to print the guards so I figured I could help our local community,” Jace said.

Jace used a website called that is dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files. These (primarily free) open source hardware designs can then be used for 3D printing and laser cutting.

“I printed and tested a few styles. Then, the Scout from Canada updated his article to include the design he used. I tested that design through his link and everything went well. So I kept the design and started printing in bulk,” Jace said.

By this time Deaconess had created a request board for organizations to list their need for cloth masks. Through that request board, Jace reached out to a local nursing home who accepted the ear guard donations. The ear guards help take the pressure off the worker’s ears from wearing masks all day. In total, he created around 200 of the pieces, which can be used multiple times, furthering their impact.

“Jace has a heart for the community, and is always seeking opportunities to make the world a little better. He has a passion for robotics and engineering, and helps tutor younger kids with math and science,” Brian Market, Jace’s Cubmaster and nominator said.

Jace admits that his passion for engineering runs deep, and he is excited to consider to see where it takes him.

“One of my proudest moments was receiving the acceptance letter for the Engineering program at SICTC,” Jace said.

In addition to printing and distributing his ear guards, Jace also created and hosted weekly virtual meetings for his Troop through Webex, all while completing his junior year through EVSC virtual learning and working on his Eagle Project proposal.

Scouting has played a huge role in Jace’s interest in serving the community. He has served as Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 374 and is a leader for Venture Crew 374, where he serves as Treasurer. He is also Vice Chief of Finance for Order of the Arrow, which is a Scouting service organization that focuses on cheerful service. Jace is also enrolled in the engineering and architectural organization called Project Lead The Way through SICTC with Reitz High School.

Outside of his studies and scouting, Jace enjoys coin collecting, metal detecting, fishing, woodcarving, 3D modeling, carpentry and cycling.

After graduation Jace hopes to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, and further my education with a Masters degree in Marine Robotics.

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