YR Stories: Ariel Kuhn

My YR experience began with TEENPOWER through grant projects at Resurrection School. I loved the program although I did not yet know who I was. Through the TEENPOWER program, I learned how to accept who I am, love myself, and use the talents I have been given to have a positive impact on the community.

After becoming involved in YR programs, I began volunteering at other nonprofit organizations in the Evansville community. In addition, YR taught me who I am, what I deserve, that I should never settle, and how to go for what I deserve. Part of this is becoming a leader, particularly as the leader of my own life.

From there, I grew into a leader of my peers and a positive influence in the community by living drug and alcohol free as I changed the community, one heart at a time. I could never express what YR gave me in a few simple words but I can spend a lifetime giving to those around me because of the skills, confidence, and experiences YR has given me.

Ariel Kuhn is a student at University of Southern Indiana and will be graduated in May of 2017 as a Special Education teacher, Spanish Education teacher, and Teacher of English as a Second Language. Ariel has been involved with TEENPOWER for 9 years (3 Middle School TEENPOWERs, 2 High School TEENPOWERs, 2 years on Youth Staff, and 2 years on College Staff).

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