Life on a TAC Morning (Be Sure to Set Your Alarm!)

By Alexa Elpers, junior at Mater Dei High School and member of Teen Advisory Council’s Marketing/Communications Committee

When I was a freshman, I heard about how awesome Teen Advisory Council is from my best friend and just HAD to join. I’ve always had a passion for service, and now TAC is one of my favorite things to be involved in. We meet for TAC at 5:55 a.m. every other Friday at Ivy Tech Community College in Evansville. For those who are curious about why I (and so many others) wake up so early to be there, I thought I’d share what happens at (and before) a TAC meeting!

Hi, I’m Alexa! (That’s me on the right.) Let me tell you a little bit about TAC…

February 16th TAC Meeting

4:30 a.m. Still catching some z’s, which means I slept through my alarm. (This happens to be something I occasionally do on days without TAC, but never on TAC days.)

5:30 a.m. I wake up to my mom asking me if I have TAC, so I totally freak out because I’m going to be late. This then forces me to get ready for the day in approximately 5 minutes and leave within 10 minutes of waking up!!!!

5:55 a.m. I somehow arrive at TAC exactly on time. I sign in and grab a jelly donut.

6:00 a.m. The meeting begins with social time. At the last meeting we filled out Valentine’s Day friendship compatibility tests. We have to find who has our matching name tag. I look around for a boy with Forrest Gump on his name tag because mine says “Jennnayyyy” on it.

6:05 a.m. I find my match. Michael Schiff, a super cool dude who goes to Memorial, and I bond over Forrest Gump for a couple minutes and become friends.

My Forrest Gump match, Michael Schiff

6:10 a.m. We play The Hug Game (a game where there is a pair of people in front of everyone, and they do one of three types of hugs, and you and your partner have to guess what type of hug they’ll pick) with our matches and then split into our committees.

6:20 a.m. I find a seat for committee time.

6:22 a.m. The MARCOM co-chairs, Raelynn and Jacob, give a recap of how everything is going and what’s coming up next. We discuss how we can be more involved as a committee. MARCOM has decided to start working on this blog where we will be posting about TAC!!

6:25 a.m. We have extra time, so we play the best game, Frog Assassin. (You pick someone to stand in the middle. They close their eyes while we pick an “assassin”. While playing the game, the assassin has to kill as many other people as they can by sticking their tongue out at them while the person in the middle tries to guess the assassin.)

6:55 a.m. It’s time to go, so I say bye to all of my friends from other schools and listen to all of Jeff’s announcements. (Jeff is the Teen Advisory Council Program Coordinator. You can learn more about him here.)

Some of the members of MARCOM

6:58 a.m. I call shotgun on the way out of the building and then race my friends to the car so they don’t steal shotgun. We jam to some Post Malone and High School Musical on the way to school.