“Big Man on Campus” Creates Friendly Rivalries

By Carmen Alford

BMOC 2017 contestants

On April 26, 2018, Youth Resources’ Teen Advisory Council (TAC) will hold its annual Big Man on Campus (BMOC) event. BMOC is a male pageant-style competition that raises money for TAC.

Members of TAC’s Development Committee work to put together a group of seniors from local schools. These seniors then perform in front of the crowd in four categories: Questions, Talent, Group Dance and School Spirit. Members of the community judge the contestants, and the audience may also vote on who the “crowd favorite” is.

I was able to catch up with a few of the contestants to ask them some questions. When asked why he wanted to compete, Sam Valadares, senior representative from Reitz High School, exhibited his commitment to his school and the community.

Sam Valadares (far left) and Sam Winiger (far right) with YR Executive Director Laura Ferguson appear on WFIE’s Midday with Mike

“I wanted to compete in BMOC to have the opportunity to represent my school for other students and members of the community,” Valadares said. He is also “looking forward to meeting other senior guys from different local schools and putting on an event for Youth Resources”.

As always, there is some friendly competition between the contestants. Sam Winiger, Memorial High School representative and close friend of Valadares, is more than prepared to take on his friend.

“It’s going to be hard to break his heart, maybe he’ll place somewhere. I know I’m going to beat him,” Winiger said.


A full list of senior competitors includes:

David Bland – Bosse High School

Blake Watson – Harrison High School

Sam Winiger – Memorial High School

Tyler Behrend – North High School

Nathan Tovar – Princeton High School

Sam Valadares – Reitz High School

Anirudh Banuru – Signature School

BMOC is a night filled with fun and laughter. I highly recommend marking your calendars to make it to North High School at 6 p.m on April 26. Admission is $5 for students and $10 for adults. Additional donations may be given and will benefit the students of TAC as they continue to volunteer in the community.

Youth Resources held its first BMOC competition in 2010. To learn more about BMOC and read about 2017’s winner, Connor Pratt (Signature School), click here.


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My name is Carmen Alford. I am currently a junior at Reitz High School. This is my 3rd year as a member of Teen Advisory Council and I love to participate in community work.