New Tech Freshman Mason Myers Named Youth Resources’ March Youth of the Month

When it comes to making an impact in the lives of others, 15-year-old Mason Myers selflessly gives his time, energy – and once a pair of his own shoes – to those in need.

“I think helping with the homeless in our community has made me realize how many people are hurting, and that with me helping, I can do my part to positively impact their lives,” Mason said.

Both his mother and principal spoke about how Mason serves quietly and humbly, with no desire of recognition. However, Youth Resources thought the New Tech freshman deserved it for his selfless volunteerism, and named him YR’s March Youth of the Month.

When Mason’s mother, Cathy Myers, first started the non-profit Hope Dot Com, it sparked a light for her son’s volunteerism, too.

“I saw the compassion my mom had for the homeless, and I knew I needed to do more,” said Mason.

Hope Dot Com’s core values include “valuing life, healing the broken and engaging in communities.” Along with serving meals to the homeless, Hope Dot Com has a summer camp for kids, fellowship-based workout group and provides other services to those in need.

“Mason never complains and is always willing to assist someone in need, whether it’s an adult or child,” said Cathy. “He walks the streets on foot with me in the downtown area to make sure the homeless have everything they need, and at church he helps out at the children’s class on Sunday mornings.”

One particular function that Mason helps with is Hope Dot Com’s Love Feast, a monthly event for the homeless and impoverished in Evansville. Around 150 attendees are served a hot meal and are able to meet with local community partners who volunteer their time to assist with medical and dental health needs.

Mason volunteering with Hope Dot Com’s summer camp for kids

During Love Feast, Mason plays a percussion instrument called a jymbey (box for drumming) for those gathering for the meal. Interestedly enough, the instrument is closely related to the djembe, which comes from the saying “Anke djé, anke bé” which translates to “everyone gather together in peace.”

“One of my favorite parts of Love Feast is playing music. I think playing music helps people to relax,” said Mason, who also helps with setting up the event and passing out flyers at local shelters to promote Love Feast.

When asked about his favorite memory of volunteering, Mason spoke about a Thanksgiving he spent serving a meal with Hope Dot Com.

“I love seeing the people who don’t normally get a home cooked meal for Thanksgiving eating until they can’t eat anymore. My whole family serves and cooks the meal, and it makes Thanksgiving really feel like it’s supposed to be,” said Mason.

Mason’s dedication to serving is evident in the way he spends his time helping others. He isn’t afraid to put in the hard work to help an event run smoothly, and finds joy in helping others.

“He doesn’t look for accolades, but instead he does what is right because it is the right thing to do,” said Christopher Gibson, Mason’s principal at New Tech. “He is gentle, always respectful, and kind to his peers. Students want to work with him, because they can count on him to do his work well. He truly embodies the trust, respect, and responsibility that are the foundations of the culture at our school.”

Although he’s keeping an open mind about what to study, Mason’s future plans include graduation, college and possibly a career in computer design. Aside from his studies and work with the homeless, Mason is also involved with his church youth group at Cathedral of Praise, and enjoys music, computers and video games.

To donate or volunteer with Hope Dot Com, visit their website

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