Mater Dei Junior Mallory Weber Named YR’s July Youth of the Month

Volunteering at Mission Evansville

Although Mallory Weber, a junior at Mater Dei, was always required to do service for school, she says it wasn’t until high school that she really started to focus her time and energy into servant leadership. Siting her faith and her involvement with programs such as Youth Resources’ Teen Advisory Council (TAC), Mallory’s devotion to serving both in and outside of the classroom got her named YR’s July Youth of the Month.

“TAC has had a great impact on me. I think that the kind of love I felt when volunteering at places such as the Dream Center and the Boys and Girls Club made me realize how much real joy helping others gives you. TAC has made me very passionate about doing service,” Mallory said.

Participating in Mater Dei’s Dance Marathon for Riley Children’s Hospital

“My faith encourages me to stay involved with service because I think you have to give God’s love to people, and helping others is one of the best ways to do that. At Mission Evansville we do a variety of things, such as go to the Boys and Girls Club or even pull weeds at Seton Harvest. From these programs I’ve learned so much about how we can do little things to show God’s love and help others,” she continued.

Described by her peers as reliable, caring, and hard-working, Mallory also devotes her time in school to serving others, as well. Mallory is a homeroom representative at Mater Dei. She keeps her homeroom informed about the different events going on in school, and takes on task such as collecting money and food, finding volunteers to sign up for school activities, and attending Student Council meetings every Wednesday morning at 6:50 a.m.

“Mallory is the kindest, most generous, selfless person I know. She is a friend to everyone. I have never seen her put anyone down by negative words or actions, and she offers her time to volunteer whenever she can,” said nominator and friend, Mary Eppler.

At TEENPOWER in 2019

“To be named Youth Resources’ July Youth of the Month is such an honor. I’m just so thankful for everything YR has done for me. I got involved with YR in the seventh grade when I went to TEENPOWER for the first time, and I’ve been going ever since. I went to TEENPOWER because I heard it was fun, but I keep going back because I love being around the loving YR family and I love seeing what YR does to people’s lives!”

Aside from her involvement with YR, Mallory is a member of both the Mater Dei Golf and Tennis teams, and participates in Dance Marathon, Pep Club, Service Club, National Honors Society, Fresh Beginnings, Random Acts of Kindness Mental Health Group, and serves on the Student Council as a homeroom rep and class secretary.

She is also a member of St. Philip Church’s youth group and volunteers with the middle school youth group, as well. She was awarded the Maria Goretti Award by her church, which recognizes youth who devote a substantial amount of their time to their church, family, and community.

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