YR Stories: Meredith Hagerty

“I attended my first TEENPOWER conference in seventh grade. Ever since that first walk to the dorms with a dozen excited high schoolers screaming “WELCOME TO TEENPOWER”, I fell in love with YR and everything it had to offer.

TEENPOWER camp became the highlight of my summers. It helped me find my voice and discover who I wanted to be for those around me. Without TEENPOWER, I would not be the leader or person I am today. TEENPOWER offered a never failing support system and a circle of unfailing love.

I applied to be on Youth Staff my sophomore year of high school. Receiving my acceptance letter in the mail will be a moment I will never forget. Knowing I had the opportunity to now not only create the magic that was TEENPOWER, but also share it a in new way, was one I had hoped for ever since my first year at camp. Being a staffer shed a whole new light on the love that is YR. This new experience showed me the strength and support this organization has to offer.

After that first year on staff, I knew I couldn’t stop there. I applied to be the Teen Advisory Council’s Executive Committee. I had been a TAC member for two years and wanted to play a larger role in serving the students in YR’s programs. TAC has given me a network of mentors and peers both inside TAC, but also outside of TAC. TAC is the definition of servant leadership and what it means to care about our community.

These programs have changed my life, as well as the lives of thousands in our community. YR has shown me what it means to show compassion to anyone from any background. YR is not only my passion now, but it is my second home. I would not be the leader, person, or friend I am today without this organization. I will forever be in debt for the work YR has done within me and my community.”

About The Blogger

Meredith Hagerty is a senior at Mater Dei High School. She has been involved with YR since 2015, and is a TAC Executive Committee member and has served on TEENPOWER Youth Staff.