Preparing for YR Day

The preparation is underway leading up to Youth Resources’ annual YR Day celebration on November 7, 2020! Youth Resources hosted its first YR Day in 2017, surpassing its initial fundraising goal. YR’s goal is to raise $30,000 this year in order to provide funds and supplies for YR’s four youth-led leadership programs. Throughout this celebration, you can find NINE different teams to donate to, ranging from TAC members to YR Alumni! 

This year is different due to the limitations COVID-19 has inflicted on Youth Resources other annual fundrasising events, including the Hall of Fame and the Fall Festival. Thankfully, the format of YR Day is primarily celebrated online this year, meaning many organizational tactics needed to be reviewed and discussed in order to reach YR’s fundraising goals!

Students, parents, alumni, and others involved in YR have attended multiple online informational sessions in order to have maximum success throughout their fundraisers.

Now here’s how you can help us reach our $30,000 goal!

Follow this link to arrive at the YR Day Fundly page!

If you want to donate to YR as a whole, (1) click on the DONATE NOW button on the main Fundly page and follow instructions! (2) visit the YR website to donate!

If you want to donate to a specific fundraising goal, (1) donate on the YR website to donate to these specific goals! (2) follow the following links to donate to the Fundly page. 

If you want to donate to a specific group, scroll down to TEAMS (right side of the page) and click on the team you wish to donate to. Under the orange button (JOIN THIS TEAM), click the link that reads DONATE NOW.

You can also donate to a specific person by visiting a person’s personal fundraising page! 

This is an amazing opportunity to support YR and their programs! Don’t forget to be prepared for November 7 in order to raise money for your favorite nonprofit organization! If you are unable to donate, please share your photos, memories and stories on social media with #YRDay.  More information can be found on YR’s website at here.

About the Blogger

Emily Bonenberger is a senior at Reitz Memorial High School. She has been involved in TAC for three years and is a member of the MARCOM committee.