What I Learned My First Year in TAC

By: Emily Bonenberger

My first-year Teen Advisory Council (TAC) experience has been very rewarding and eye-opening. Before joining TAC, I was timid and scared about joining because I was afraid of branching out and meeting new people. Also, I did not think I would be able to wake up in the morning! Surprisingly, it is really easy because I look forward to each meeting. 

In the fall, I started out in the InReach Committee and had a good experience, but it was kind of hard to make connections because my group was so big. During committee time, we would play icebreaker games, which were both fun and helped with meeting new people. I also learned more about TAC and its requirements, including service hours.  

In the spring semester, I moved to the MARCOM (Marketing/Communications) Committee. I really enjoy being in this committee because it is fairly small, and I feel like I have gotten really close and have formed connections with each of my committee members. During this semester, we planned the annual Career Fair and invited adults to speak to TAC members about their jobs in a small-group setting. I have gained leadership skills and a greater understanding of responsibility during my time on this committee. 

In TAC we are required to complete 15 hours of community service throughout the semester. It seems like a lot of hours, but it is actually really easy, especially when you spread the hours out. Therefore, my biggest advice is to get your hours done early.

By joining TAC, I have met so many new friends and adult advisors. There are so many people who guide you through your first year. I’m so thankful that I decided to join!

About the Blogger

Emily is a sophomore at Memorial. In addition to TAC, Emily has attended Youth Resources’ TEENPOWER summer leadership conference for four years.